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27-29 January, 2023
Our input


Brand book

Package design

UI/UX Design

Supercharger® is a company whose focus is premium, high-quality microalgae. They took part in Garage48’s Garage48 Food 2022/23 event, where they developed products (microalgae pesto and mustard) two months before the 48-hour “hackathon”.

At the “hackathon” we got acquainted with the idea for the first time. We set a goal to create a logo, a simple brand book, packaging design and web design for Supercharger® in one weekend. Also work with brand strategy, marketing plan, research products and market.


You can read more about our experience at the Garage48 hackathon here!

About the project

Supercharger® team had been working on a laboratory prototype within the last two months as part of the Garage48 project. The final step was a 48-hour hackathon, where the goal was to create as much design and marketing material for the product as possible, along with the team.

Martin joined their team from XYSUM.


Together with the team, we set the goal to create a logo, a simple brand book, package design, and web design for Supercharger® within one weekend. Additionally, we worked on the brand strategy, marketing plan, researched products and the market.


Branding and clickable prototype in 48 hours

We managed to achieve all of our set goals.

  • Logo
  • Brand book
  • Package design
  • Web design
  • Marketing strategy
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