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Modulhus is a well-established brand in the Swedish market known for their high-quality and beautifully designed tiny houses. They started their journey in 2014 with Attefallshus type houses after a new law was passed which made it possible to build tiny houses with no building permits. They saw this as an opportunity to contribute into helping with the housing shortage, by offer beautiful, no permit required, high-quality and durable tiny houses, perfect for the Scandinavian climate.

Together we have crafted out the visual side of Modulhus brand, and helped share Modulhus brand story through a carefully thought out website that is directly based on Modulhus brand values in every aspect. This has been supported strongly by a swift and modern approach to user friendliness and technologies.

Project need & goals

In 2018, together with Modulhus, we created the first web-based “house builder” or online house builder MVP version for lead generation purposes, allowing customers to express their initial interest conveniently and quickly. The customer could choose a house model and make a few small selections.

However, the number of inquiries kept growing, and managing them became very labor-intensive for both the sales team and project managers.


The high workload in managing inquiries was due to a clear reason – a significant part of the sales team’s work after receiving an inquiry was introducing and selecting interior design solutions for the clients. Therefore, we set the following objectives:

  • Allow customers to choose interior design elements themselves when submitting an inquiry
  • Reduce the workload for the sales team in communication with customers
  • Decrease the time from inquiry submission to contract signing


The ordering process automated from the customer to the factory

The new house configurator allowed Modulhus’ sales team and project managers to drastically reduce the workload associated with managing inquiries. However, an unexpected bonus was the warm reception from customers to the new solution, as they could see options along with prices and take their time carefully considering choices while filling out the form. As a result, the number of inquiries further increased.

  • The workload associated with managing inquiries decreased
  • The process from inquiry to order shortened
  • The number of inquiries increased
  • The number of errors resulting from manual work decreased due to automation
  • The website’s user experience improved, leading to a competitive advantage
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