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MatchMySound is an innovative company from the US, that has created a state-of-the-art music technology that is a real game-changer when it comes to learning and teaching music. Their unique note-by-note matching algorithm gives accurate and guided feedback, making learning music fun and engaging.

MatchMySound has a strong brand and an in-house marketing team. However, their old website was not meeting their marketing goals and it wasn’t accurately capturing the vibrancy and liveliness of the rest of the brand, including their app. That’s where we came into play by creating together with the MatchMySound team a new and refreshed website focused on its goals.

Process and results

Engagement, dynamic, and exciting animations

MatchMySound knew they wanted to the new website to be more fun and engaging for the visitor so it would better emulate their actual app and vibe of their brand. From their unique shape in the app, called the “catepillar” which gives the accurate feedback visually is where the initial idea for an animation came from.

In addition to fun animations that better capture the technology behind MatchMySound and their app, we gave the website some more animations. And brought in the secondary accent colors of the brand to the website for a more energised and versatile look.

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