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Armed with years of strategical, design and technical skills, we’re a devoted partner for companies looking to create value.

Results matter. This is why we always prioritise work that matters.

We are dedicated to delivering results that drive long-term value for our clients.

Our approach is rooted in creating meaningful outcomes and meticulously crafted solutions that take into account every aspect of the brand, from ideation to delivery and beyond.

We understand that a truly successful brand is one that not only captures attention but also creates lasting impact and continuously adds value to the business.

That's why we work in close partnership with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that address their specific needs and set them on a path to long-term success.

We succeed
when you do

  • Alo Naelapea

    Founder of Adera Executive Search

    "Key words that stood out from our cooperation were: active involvement, willingness to find the best solution for us, willingness to understand our business, speed, quick response and good communication. It was not a classic client-supplier relationship, but a project partnership. You will find little of that in the market today!"

  • Oliver Noemm

    Founder of Modulhus Group

    "It's been a rare privilege to work together with highly motivated team behind XYSUM. This company has over delivered and is truly a hard gem to find in the web design and online marketing jungle. XYSUM team has our full trust over our company's online presence and our cooperation is most successful."

  • Priit Kukk

    Founder of Keha360

    "Knowledgeable, fast movers and smooth communicators with an open attitude. They do what they promise and the end result of the work commissioned has led to a long-lasting working relationship with us that continues to this day."

  • Jane Kaljulaid

    Founder of Jane Kaerajook

    "I would recommend XYSUM to anyone who wants not only a workable end result but also professional and clear communication throughout the project. With their help, we got a beautiful and well-functioning website with an e-shop. They also thought in every way about how to achieve the best solution for our specific needs."

  • Felicia Shekarabi

    Founder of WeddingDreams

    “I wanted to work with someone that I feel a good connection with. They were so nice and professional, and made it really fun to work with them. I really enjoyed this process with XYSUM.“

  • Karin E. Ruut

    Head of Marketing at ForteLED

    "Their approach and interest in ensuring our company's growth were commendable. We are so pleased with their work and approach! "

  • Inga Preimann

    Manager at Faktory

    "Very helpful, punctual and correct. Always ready to give useful advice even when their job does not directly require it. Questions can be answered quickly. Transparent work is carried out and all timescales are adhered to - no fiddling. concrete, fast and clear!"

  • Mardan H.

    Founder of Wheels24

    "We felt XYSUM was the best choice. When we talked to them, they sounded really good and knew what they were doing."

  • Jesper B.

    Founder of TenantPass

    "They understood our niche very quickly. They showcased a perfect execution of project management in the partnership."

  • Mark Miitra

    Founder of Katuste Remont

    "It was a great experience. I feel like I got more than I hoped for."

  • Kätlin Judanov


    "Very professional! They offer inventive and best solutions and are helpful and quick to solve situations. Extremely pleasant and friendly communication! We are very satisfied with the work done!"