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January 2023
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Kesebar is Estonia’s first and only salty protein bar, created by 5 talented and smart friends. They took part in Garage48’s Garage48 Food 2022/23 event, where they developed the product two months before the 48-hour “hackathon”.

At the hackathon, we got to know the idea of ​​the company for the first time. We set a goal to create a logo, a simple brand book, packaging design and landing page design for Kese in one weekend. In addition, we managed to make examples of social media posts, develop a landing page and design slides.


You can read more about our experience at the Garage48 hackathon here!

About the project

As part of the Garage48 project, the Kesebar team had been working on a laboratory prototype for the past two months. The final step was a 48-hour hackathon, where the goal was to create as much design and marketing material for the product as possible, along with the team.

Kaari joined their team from XYSUM.


We had to start from scratch, but despite the time constraints, we remained optimistic and set ambitious goals. Within 48 hours, they aimed to complete the following:

  • Branding essentials: logo, colors, fonts
  • Package design
  • Landing page design
  • Develop the landing page


Branding and web in 48 hours?

Time was tight, and the set goals were ambitious. However, we managed to accomplish even more than we had planned.

  • Branding
  • Package design
  • Landing page design
  • Landing page development and launch
  • Social media sample post design
  • Presentation design
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