A selection of case-studies and clients.

Our work


Naturist is an innovative company that produces tasty and protein-rich plant-based meat substitutes. We developed a more user-friendly and functional new multilingual e-shop for them.

Herttua Hotel

Herttua Hotel is a beautiful lakeside hotel in Finland. They were updating their brand and needed a new, more modern website. Based on their new CVI, we designed and developed a more functional and easy-to-manage website for them.

Topu Kodu

Topu Kodu represents a new real estate project located in Estonia. We helped by designing and developing a landing page for them.


Modulhus is an established Sweden’s tiny house manufacturer. We have worked with their branding, design and been in charge of their websites and connected systems since 2017 . Case study


MatchMySound is an innovative state-of-the-art music technology company from the States. We created a new marketing website for them that is more optimised on conversion and embodying their brand values. Case study

Lartusi Home

Lartusi set a new business goal to expand from Estonia. With that they went through a branding refresh and we helped them create a new eCommerce website that suited their updated image and business goals.


Genecode is an innovative company that develops novel disease modifying drugs. They recognised the need for their website to be easier to manage in terms of adding new content and be more in sync with their brand.


We redesigned and developed their website, focusing on creating a better user experience and a more contemporary visual representation of their brand through their website.

dr Kalle

Dr. Kalle is a well-known dentist in the field of invisalign in Estonia. To facilitate the management of patient appointments and communication, both for the patients themselves and Dr. Kalle’s team, we created a patient portal and helped set up customer support live chat, integrating it with the patient portal.

Edmund Burke’i Selts

Informative discussions, interesting lectures, and exciting guests. For sharing such content, they needed an informative, clear, and functional website that would allow them to provide an overview to their readers and subscribers in one place and manage it easily.


The nonprofit organization Samaaria Eesti Misjon needed a refreshed, more mobile-friendly, and informative website. The newly created website also features an e-commerce functionality for selling second-hand items.

Adera Executive Search

Adera Executive Search is an executive recruitment company with a highly specialised team. Being a new brand, we worked closely with the original brand visuals creator to design and develop a website that compliments and supports the brand.


Foodex is a Swedish food wholesale company that required a new eCommerce website that was more modern, easy to navigate and helped support their brand.


AS Vennad-Dahl is the Estonian branch of Dahl. We worked with them to give their website a makeover both visually and technically by designing a new look and developing their eCommerce website.

Visit Tartu

Visit Tartu represents a city in Estonia, Tartu. Their tourism website is in need of updating for increased user-friendliness and easier management. We worked closely with their team to help set goals, map out the functionalities and create the wireframe that will be a base for the website project.


Is an established Estonian company focusing on renewable energy solutions for over 20 years. We aided in updating their branding and by designing and developing a new website with more functionality to automate processes for effectiveness.


Prokliima is a company operating in Estonia offering heating and cooling systems and their installation service. In order for their web presence to be more in the lines of their business goals and brand, we redesigned and developed their eCommerce website.


Is a beautiful interior salon that specialises in creating interior design solutions, including kitchen planning. We helped to bring their brand feel into their web by creating a new web design and developed it with eCommerce functionality.


Your Lashes is an established Swedish cosmetics brand that mainly offers false lashes. After years of being in the market, they wanted to update their brand visually for a more professional look. During that process we also redesigned and developed their eCommerce website.

Noor Tehnik

Noor Tehnik is a recognised family-owned company that specialises in selling audio equipment. We refreshed their online image by redesigning and developing their e-commerce with various supporting functionalities.


Is a small cosmetics and beauty brand who needed designs that fit with their brand. In addition to a CVI and web design we also did package design.


Zlimline is a beauty and wellness brand that needed to go through a brand refresh in order to modernise the look and be more identifyable with their customers. We created a new CVI, web design and developed a new modern eCommerce website.


Demigod offers premium tattoo cartridges – high quality needle modules for tattooing. As a new brand with a logo and a vision, they needed an eCommerce website. We designed them a simple website that fit with their brand aesthetics and developed it.


Plantaator is an innovative Estonian company whose motive is to provide a plant-based protein. We helped create the brand, did the package design and developed their eCommerce website. Case study


KEHA360 is a business consulting, production and asset management company. We created a new website for the company, which has a clearer design and structure, thus also a more efficient sales channel for the sale of services and electronic products.

Hotel Santalahti

Hotel Santalahti is a new, relaxing hotel in Finland. They needed to create an internet presence, that would carry the same relaxing feeling as the brand itself. We designed and developed the website for them.


CoolCrystal is an Estonian online handicraft department store with a wide and constantly updated product range. For the company to better connect with their customers, they needed more engaging functionalities, a refreshed look and a more technically reliable eCommerce website.

Wedding Dreams

Wedding Dreams is a Swedish bridal online store. We helped the company find the brand story and feel, created a CVI and an eCommerce website with a clear design that fit the brand.


Habitat4D is a Dutch company that brings together several innovative international companies operating in the field of construction and mediates their services. We designed them a brand CVI and created an MVP website.

Jane Kaerajook

Is an Estonian company who produces a vegan alternative to milk = oat drink. We developed them an eCommerce website that fit their brand and made it possible to offer subscription-based ordering.

Idla Antiik

Is a family-owned antiquities store in Estonia. After almost a decade they were in the need to update their web presence, we refreshed the visual side and developed the eCommerce store with more modern tools.


ForteLED is an Estonian lighting solution selling company. To expand their business outside of Estonia, they wanted to change their name. We created new brand CVI for them, in addition to updating their eCommerce website.


Swedish rim and tyre online store. We helped the company develop their brand, created a CVI and other designs along with a complex eCommerce website.


Is an Estonian second-hand items store. They were in a need to update their website for both aesthetic and technical reasons. We created a simple, modern eCommerce website with a look that better fit their brand and goals.

Elektro ISB

Elektro ISB OÜ has been the representative of the FRÄNKISCHE brand in Estonia and the Nordic countries since 2001 . In order to better engage with visitors they needed a clear, focused landing page and that was in line with their brand.

Luminor Bank

Luminor Bank was in need of a landing page for an engaging investing game with an automatically updated score table. We designed and developed the landing page.


KPMG is an international consulting firm. Their Estonian branch needed new and more modern landing pages for specific services for their marketing purposes. We designed and developed them.


TenantPass is a startup company from Estonia that offers brokers the automatic evaluation of potential tenants. We offered our services in UI/UX design for app and web.

Michigan Floor Coverings

Is a family-owned company in Michigan offering all kinds of floor coverings. They desperately needed to modernise and update their website. Together we created a new, distinct logo and a CVI in addition to web design and web development.


Joi is an Estonian beauty brand that offers a selection of safe to use teeth whitening products for home and professional use. With launching a new brand and products, they needed a brand CVI, web design and eCommerce website.