In-house team

All projects are carried out from start to finish by our experienced team members.

Full stack

We have the skills to develop complex solutions from front to back end.

Deliberate solutions

All solutions are justified, analyzed, and carefully considered.

Holistic approach

We view the technical solution as a whole from the perspective of your company.

By combining modern tools and techniques, we can create effective solutions.
6+ Years
65+ Projects
500+ Integrations
10+ Countries

About us

XYSUM was founded in 2017 by Martin and Kaari. Since then, XYSUM has worked with over 60 brands. We have gained knowledge from foreign markets thanks to international clients and have further honed our skills living in Stockholm. Having worked with projects of various calibers – from marketing landing pages and numerous e-stores to extremely complex systems, we are able to see projects as a big picture from the companies perspective.

Our team is in-house, and for good reason. Working side by side, we see that the value of involving all team members working on a project in key questions (for example, discussing the technical solution with the developer during the wireframe development) is irreplaceable. We can avoid mistakes and unpleasant surprises from the start, see bottlenecks, and find solutions simultaneously. Everyone on our team is specialized and skilled in their field. That way, we can offer the best.