Water, for free? FreeWater’s unique approach

FreeWater aims to be the worlds first free beverage company.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, magazine campaigns, TV commercials…? No need with FreeWater. They’ll print your ad on a free water bottle and give it away for free, all for a great cause.


Motivation behind FreeWater

FreeWater believes that quality drinking water should be available to everyone and for free. The company donates from every beverage sold to building water wells for communities in need. According to their calculations, with the support of just 10% of Americans choosing FreeWater, they would have the potential to permanently eradicate the global water crisis.



How does it work?

Water for ads? As potential customers, we are already consuming ads constantly, so FreeWater’s approach on our advertisement consumption in exchange for something is simple yet clever. FreeWater will print a company’s ad on a water bottle or a carton (they do not use plastic) and through distributors (like a restaurant), will give the water away for free.

Essentially creating value for everyone in this chain. Free water for the receiver and for both the distributor and the advertiser gain great PR for supporting a good cause.

In addition, they will donate 10 cents from each water bottle sold towards building water wells.



Photos taken from freewater.io