Behind The Ordinary’s success

The Ordinary is a new revolutionary skin care brand that started in 2016 and have become a house-hold name.

They have a unique approach to delivering high-quality products at a fraction of the standard market cost. The brand offers a range of serums and facial oils that are priced affordably, yet still maintains its success as a company, leaving many wondering how they can offer such low prices while maintaining their quality.



Focus on science and transparency

The brand differentiates itself by offering simple, no-frills products at affordable prices, with a focus on science and transparency.

The Ordinary has a minimalistic approach, eliminating any unnecessary extras in its products.

From the simple packaging to the absence of added fragrances, the brand focuses on what matters most – high-quality ingredients.

A glance at the ingredients list reveals a shorter list compared to traditional skincare products, as The Ordinary prioritizes high concentrations of effective ingredients over fancy add-ons. The brand bases its products on active ingredients, such as Niacinamide and Zinc in The Ordinary “Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%” (which at one point they sold one piece every 3 seconds) or 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil, which features only one ingredient. This simplicity enables The Ordinary to keep its costs low and offer affordable prices to its customers.


Education and minimal advertising

Many cosmetics companies invest heavily in marketing, including designing packaging, launching campaigns, and promoting their products through various media outlets. The Ordinary, on the other hand, takes a different approach.

They don’t have collections of “miracle” anti-aging products and instead, they provide clear and honest information about what their products do, without the “fancy”. This approach leads to a significant reduction in marketing costs for The Ordinary, allowing them to focus on testing and producing their products.


Strong social media presence

The Ordinary is a brand that has amassed a huge social media presence, no doubt the high-quality and affordability of the product range made that possible. Not only are there content creators who swear by their products, but an endless amount of educational videos on how to choose and use the products.

So when the pandemic hit, the Ordinary was in a good place. Not only did the focus on skincare go up, the use of social media did as well, making The Ordinary even more popular.



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